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Author: Brand Mender

The 3 C’s of Modern Compensation Management

It is no secret that the world of compensation management is changing in a big way. These changes are happening as part of a larger sea change across the HR / HCM landscape. It is now quite common to hear about culture and values-led organizations, the adjacent topic of transparency, skills-based HCM processes and decisions, personalized rewards, tech-enabling optimal comp structures, etc.

Mastering Pay Range Discussions: A Guide for Recruiters

In the evolving landscape of job recruitment, the introduction of pay transparency has posed unique challenges and opportunities. Recruiters are now often tasked with setting realistic expectations with candidates regarding pay ranges.

Pay Transparency will Drive Big Changes in Compensation Management 

I published my first article highlighting the importance of pay transparency almost 2 years ago, but I’m aware the trend is still emerging. 

Managing and Correcting Pay Compression: A Step-by-Step Guide for HR Professionals 

In the constantly changing U.S. labor market, pay compression has emerged as a significant challenge for HR and compensation professionals. This phenomenon, often a byproduct of rapid market changes and hiring practices, leads to minimal differences in pay between new hires and more experienced employees, potentially causing morale issues and legal concerns.

Empowering Your Workforce: A Leader’s Guide to Maximizing Efficiency with Limited Resources

In today’s rapidly evolving economic landscape, businesses, particularly those operating with constrained resources, face a unique set of challenges. The pressure to maintain, or even increase, productivity while grappling with budget limitations is a prevalent concern. This scenario calls for innovative solutions that enable companies to do more with less, especially in the realm of human resources and compensation management. The key lies in embracing advanced systems that integrate cutting-edge technology – a blend of AI algorithms, data analytics, and strategic architectural design principles. These systems are not just tools; they represent a paradigm shift in how businesses approach compensation and productivity. They offer a pathway to not only survive but thrive in an environment where every resource counts.