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New Year's Resolutions for Compensation

Date: January 16th, 2024
Time: 2 pm East/ 11 pm Pacific

Keynote Speakers

Boyd Davis, CEO, Payfederate & Sam Reeve , CEO, CompTeam

Compensation, connected.

AI-driven workflow automation platform for compensation benchmarking, budgeting, offer management, and employee communication.

Compensation connected - PayFederate

Trusted Across the Landscape

Trusted Across the Landscape

"I am impressed with how Payfederate is utilizing AI technology to address various compensation use cases. Their approach to connecting different stakeholders in compensation is crucial for preventing pay disparities."

Steve Goldberg

Principal Analyst, 30+ years in HR and Top 100 HR Tech Influencer

"Payfederate has built a system for working with internal salary ranges, enabling the kind of work I do every day."

Sam Reeve

CEO and Founder, CompTeam 20+ years as a compensation consultant

"It's an excellent software for efficiently managing and organizing compensation process. My favorite aspect of the software is the employee communication module."

Rajiv Kakati

"AI's New Frontier: Payfederate Solves Pay Disparity Through Connected Compensation Systems. "

Yahoo Finance

June 6, 2023

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The cutting-edge AI based solution

Pay Compression - PayFederate

Establish and communicate compensation decisions as a team.

Global market pricing

Blend salary surveys, peers and other market factors to determine what the market rate is for a particular position. Share real time benchmarking for budget allocations to avoid any disparity.

Auto Job mapping

Leverage AI to analyze job descriptions and reduce the amount of manual effort to match jobs with salary surveys. Develop new job descriptions and job titles that better reflect the evolving needs of the industry.

Interactive Visual offers

Engage your candidates to view and explore compensation package in a graphical way. Customize the offer to negotiate in real time while also getting stakeholders approval and keeping them informed

Employee Communication

Create personalized employee communications that show current pay components and future pay progression. Educate employees on compensation policies and show them how pay decisions are made and that fair pay is being enforced.


Integrate with your tech stack so that employee data flows seamlessly. This enables a single comprehensive view of employees' total compensation.