Author: Boyd Davis

A New Pay Transparency Playbook

It is common these days for the words ‘trust’ and ‘authenticity’ to be featured in an employer value proposition. After all, they are emblematic of the values underpinning a corporate culture. The reasons for their prevalence are varied, but one could assert this reflects an effort to mitigate workforce sentiments such as a lack of control or lack of feeling valued.

AI’s New Frontier: payfederate Solves Pay Disparity Through Connected Compensation Systems

The rapid advancement of AI technology, coupled with the increasing implementation of pay equity and reporting laws in multiple states and countries, has ushered in a new era for the compensation landscape.

A Quick Guide to Using Job Posting and Survey Data for Benchmarking Internal Pay Ranges

In today’s ever-changing compensation landscape, having a multidimensional approach to setting pay ranges is not just recommended—it’s imperative. Drawing on traditional surveys, current job postings, and internal data can provide you with a nuanced, accurate pay range for any role. Here’s how to do it right.

Why I joined Payfederate as CEO

Today, we announced that I joined Payfederate as CEO. I’ve been working with the team for a few months and became increasingly passionate about the role we can play in the compensation software market.